AssureSign empowers UBC to provide patient care faster!


Download the UBC Signature Story and discover how AssureSign's open APIs power the custom-built eSignature integration for UBC's proprietary solution, UBC Pathways Connected Health.


Download the Signature Story and discover how UBC...

  • Expedites the delivery of life-saving patient care thanks to eSigning
  • Transformed their patient onboarding process from days to minutes
  • Tracks new patient onboarding progress with document tracking and analytics
  • Powers their custom-built eSignature integration with AssureSign APIs
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Eliminate Expenses

UBC digitally transformed their manual and costly process.

connect instantly through rapid onboarding

Rapid Care

Rapid patient onboarding empowers delivery of quality care, faster!

integration image - leverage custom eSignature integrations with AssureSign

Custom Integration

Custom AssureSign integration for UBC's proprietary digital software.