Grange receives over 90% of applications back in      72 hours or less with eSignature.


Download the Grange Insurance Signature Story and see how they accelerated both their agent onboarding and customer closing process by  streamlining their existing workflows with AssureSign eSignature.


Download the Signature Story and discover how Grange Insurance...

  • Accelerated agent onboarding turnaround from over a month to two or three days
  • Increased their online form submission rate by more than 50%
  • Simplified their entire end-to-end process with a single, integrated solution.
  • Used AssureSign custom integration APIs to build a custom integration for their existing proprietary software
clock image - save time with AssureSign

Saved Time

Sponsorship transactions completed in just hours.

Staff onboarding

Expedited Onboarding

With twice as many agents, Grange offers superior customer service.

integration image - leverage custom eSignature integrations with AssureSign

Custom Integration

AssureSign APIs power Grange's 100% custom-built eSign integration.