A guide to Nintex AssureSign legal and security commitments

Organizations must have confidence in the legal standing of their completed documents. Nintex AssureSign provides a secure platform for electronic transactions backed by best-in-class security certifications, regulatory compliance, and strict adherence to legal standards.


In this eBook, we explore:

  • How Nintex ensures your data is physically safeguarded and digitally secured
  • The legality and validity of electronic documents and eSignature
  • Resources to remain compliant with regulations, standards, and guideline
Nintex AssureSign cover
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Physically Secured

Data centers and offices observe heightened security protocols, preventing unauthorized access.


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Digitally Safe

AssureSign's robust security infrastructure incorporates multiple layers of controls to keep your data private and protected.

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Legally Sound

Documents and signatures are legally backed by ID verification, audit trails and unique document hash values.